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Share a Scanner Over the Network. Scanique.Web provides web-access to any scanner.

Scanique.Web provides web-access to any scanner. Get your documents scanned anywhere, using every internet or network-connected device.

Open access to your scanner over a network, and not just access, but convenient access. Remote document scanning has never been so easy.

Situation: office, several workplaces arranged close one to each other. There is only one scanner/MFP (Multifunction printer) that is used by everyone in office. While printers can be shared, it's not possible to share scanners. As a result, a worker with a computer that has a scanner connected to it is constantly distracted by his co-workers asking to scan some documents. If this story looks similar to you, then you need to install Scanique.Web and forget about the problem forever.

To share a scanner, all you need to do is to download and install Scanique.Web on a computer with scanner or MFP attached to. You don't need anything else to access the scanner from other computers, which is pretty cool.

Access to the scanner occurs through any modern web-browser. That means you can access your scanner from any device with a browser, such as computers under Windows, Mac OS, Linux or even Android, Apple or Windows tablets or smartphones. Thus, by having Scanique.Web installed, you get access to your scanner on any modern device with a web-browser from the other end of the world... or maybe just the next room.

Even if you own a costly network scanner, or you just need to scan locally, you still may want to use Scanique.Web because it's handy and easy-to-use. Additionally, the OEM software provided with scanners often is inconvenient and buggy. Scanique.Web don't ask: what settings to use? Where to save scanned files? Scan from flatbed or auto-feeder? What format to save scanned documents in? All you need to do is to open a browser and click on "Scan". Scanique.Web automatically determines where the scan is from: it scans using the scanner's auto-feeder if there are documents loaded into it; otherwise, it scans from flatbed.

Once scanning is completed, Scanique.Web prepares scanned documents in all popular formats (jpg, png, pdf, zipped jpg) and provides download links to all of them. All of this with no questions asked. Fast, handy, and user friendly. If it's a one page document, you will be able to get it in JPG, PNG, PDF, Zipped jpg, or if there is a document with several pages, you will get multi-paged PDF and ZIP with JPEG files.

Scanique.Web supports all TWAIN scanners (that is almost all scanners) and works with all modern browsers.

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