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Get access to your scanner from any web-browser anywhere with Scanique.Web

Share a Scanner Over the Network.

Share a scanner over the network just like you share a printer!

With fully networked operation and automatic document feeder support, Scanique greatly improves productivity and makes your life easier.

Scanique can share most TWAIN and WIA scanners, even if they are not equipped with a network interface.

With Scanique, you can scan documents into a wide range of image formats, including the possibility to scan directly into multi-page PDF files.

While sharing a printer over the network is fairly easy, Windows comes with no built-in facilities to share scanners over the network.

Scanique turns any scanner into a network scanner. Share it like you share a printer! No need to install separate server and client parts; each copy of Scanique can work as a client or as a server, switching instantly between the roles as needed.

Scanique allows all the networked computers to use the scanner with full support for scanner's advanced features such as automatic document feeder.

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