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JPG PNG Resizer reduces the file size of your JPG and PNG images.

JPG PNG Resizer - a high performance PNG and JPG image size reducer and resizer.

Introducing JPG PNG Resizer, a software designed to make it easier to resize images quickly and conveniently. Add a couple of files or even whole folders with images and resize them in a few seconds. Simply choose the destination directory and just click on the "Start" button! The software supports the two main graphic formats which are JPG and PNG. Additionally you can set the preferred width and height values manually presets while maintaining the original aspect ratio.
For faster resizing of images and desired photos, JPG PNG Resizer is the best choice available. This really is a very unique application which helps you reduce image size in just a few easy steps.

What can you achieve with JPG PNG Resizer?

JPG PNG Resizer can reduce image size in a jiffy to a size that is convenient to upload as per requirement. Even the professional photographers that work for the online news publications, online magazines, or online journals take advantage of this application on a continuous basis to modify the size of the images they have clicked.

  • Batch image resize
  • Resize your PNG images without losing transparency and quality
  • Reduce the file size of your JPG and PNG images to reduce the bandwidth usage of your websites and improve your website load time
  • Reduce huge images, up to 65500x65500 pixels input with output up to 65500x65500px on Windows 64-bit or ~20000x20000px on Windows 32-bit

In a word, JPG PNG Resizer is not just an image resizer, it is also an image reducer that supports the two most common graphic formats widely used online and in non-professional photography (JPEG and PNG).

Why JPG PNG Resizer?

  • The output files dimensions and sizes can be conveniently selected. Input and output dimensions and size of each and every file are displayed to user in a convenient way.
  • Multithreaded files processing. The software can be many times faster than others while resizing a bunch of images.
  • Almost no memory usage while resizing large files to average or smaller sized versions.

Powerful batch PNG and JPG resizer

It is easy to prepare batches of photos. To resize pictures with many photos stored locally on a computer system, JPG PNG Resizer can be employed. This process involves choosing the folder or a couple of images meant to be reduced, and enter the specific dimensions of the resized picture. Finally, the output quality of the picture selected. Once all these parameters are entered, then it is just simply a matter of clicking "Start" to complete the job.

You can use JPG PNG Resizer to resize pictures and images, on a number of different situations

Have you ever had a photo which you most definitely wished to put up on your personal social network account but it just failed to upload mainly because its size was too large? Now, you can forget about these kinds of issues. You simply need to make use of the JPG PNG Resizer software to resize the photo as per your specifications.

  • Publishing images on your website to ensure webpages load fast
  • Attaching images to email
  • Posting photos on blog sites
  • Posting images on forums
  • Posting photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and other social media
  • Creating web auction pages, such as eBay, WeBidz, webstore, OnlineAuction
  • Prepare thumbnails
  • Inserting pictures within Word or PDF documents

It couldn’t be more efficient

It’s handy, very fast and user friendly. The software reduces large images to small sizes, with low memory consumption. All you need to do is to open JPG PNG Resizer, add files, select dimensions and quality for new files, click 'Start', wait a little and it's done!

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