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Reduce MP3 file size with MP3Resizer. Make your MP3 files smaller.

MP3Resizer is designed to reduce the size of MP3 files. This is especially useful when listening to MP3 files or MP3 Audio books on a mobile phone, smartphone, MP3 player, etc. Smaller MP3 files can also be sent via email or uploaded online faster.

Portable MP3 players don't often have much memory, and of course, it's a shame to waste precious megabytes. It's hard to refuse temptation to upload more music than possible.

For example, a 5-minute 320kbit/s MP3 file will occupy approximately 11.4Mb. By recompressing this file (reducing the bitrate) to 80kbit/s, the file size is dramatically reduced to 2.86Mb.

The output file size is four times smaller than the source file size!
Using MP3Resizer, you can upload four times more music to your MP3 player than before.

Also you can make your MP3 files smaller so you can upload them faster.

Please note, the reduction in size is achieved by recompressing the file with a lower bit rate. This may cause a slight degradation in audio quality.
This application uses Lame, a high quality MP3 codec. A minimum bitrate of 64kbps is recommended for music playback on a mobile phone's MP3 player.

MP3Resizer is designed to work with
Windows logo Windows 7 / 2008(R2) / 8 / 2012 / 10 / 11
Mac OS X logo Mac OS X 10.15, 11, 12 and newer.

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Mac OS X logo The unregistered version of MP3Resizer for Mac OS X has no time limitation but only works with up to 5 files at a time.

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This software uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded here.

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