January 24 2012 - Version 1.75:

- Seven Classic Start running under 32-bit Windows works faster now
- A few rename bugs have been fixed
- Fixed a bug added in 1.73 that sorts menu items by name at the program startup
- The Backspace button closes submenus now (as well as the Escape button)


July 3 2010 - Version 1.73:

- The Start menu is Aero glassed by default now
- Critical and minor bugs have been fixed

This version also contains many corrections and improvements.


May 25 2010 - Version 1.70:

- The Start menu Aero glass option has been added
- The Windows Logo Button in the Start menu shows the original Start menu
- Pinned shortcuts are now shown along with other Start menu shortcuts


March 31 2010 - Version 1.50:

- The standard items of the Start menu are now shown in your Windows language
- The shortcut support and the Sort by Name function are now available
- Now you can select the colors, font, scroll button style, set the menu show delay, choose between small and large icons
- You can show the standard Start menu by holding the Control key while clicking the Start button or pressing the Windows (Start) key
- Right-click the 'Run...' item in the Start menu to run the command prompt as an administrator

This version also contains many corrections, small additions and improvements.


June 02 2009 - Version 1.00.